Join me in Australia!

Finally have all the details worked out for the Australia trip! If you are interested in going we only have 12 slots on this adventure! Here’s the details….

Wednesday November 6th we fly out of L.A. and head to Brisbane. 

We arrive in Brisbane Friday morning of the 8th. We’ll spend the day seeing sights and getting over the long trip. Plenty to see in Brisbane and for those that feel up to it we can go snake hunting in the evening. 

Saturday the 9th is the Scales and Tails festival. There will be lots of reptiles and tons of reptile events as well as talks from Bob Irwin and other amazing animal experts. Saturday night banquet with food and Keynote speaker.

Sunday 10th we visit the famous Australian Zoo (Steve Irwin’s zoo).. Good possibility of behind the scenes tour.

Monday 11th we visit with Bob Irwin, Steve Irwins dad and spend the day seeing his wildlife camp. This will be an amazing time and an experience of a lifetime.

Tuesday 12th we fly to Darwin. Spend the night taking in the sights and go reptile hunting in the evening. 

Wednesday 13th Visit Crocosorous Cove for a behind the scenes tour and each will be able to enter the cage of death with 18 foot crocs surrounding an acrylic tube, where you’ll be on the inside! Night in Darwin reptile hunting at Fog Dam where there is the largest predator to prey ratio on the planet.

Thursday 14th the Adelaide river and the jumping croc cruise where we’ll see wild salty crocs jumping out of the water for food. Then off to Arneheim Land for some amazing wildlife and nature. This is the true Australia!

Friday 15th Fly to Sydney and spend the night seeing the sights such as the opera house and the harbor bridge. It’s an amazing city. 

Saturday 16th Behind the scenes tour of Taroonga zoo. This is an amazing zoo and we’ll have a lot of fun seeing their animals from the zookeepers perspective. Evening in Sydney for sightseeing.

Sunday 17th Gosford reptile park. This is a medium size zoo where we’ll get a behind the scenes tour of their amazing exhibits as well as their venom milking facility. We’ll get hands on with more animals then you can imagine. Back to Sydney at night for our last night in Australia. Departing dinner and social with all our new Aussie friends. 

Monday 18th we fly back to LA. 

Total cost with air transport starting in LA and all other expenses other then food and spending money is $6250. This includes, flights within Australia, housing, car rental, gas, and all entries into all events and places. If you priced it out through a travel agency it would be over $10,000! We will only have 12 spots available for this tour and will need a $2000 deposit to save your spot. Trust me this will be a trip you’ll remember your entire life! Please join me on this adventure! You will not regret it! Brian

If interested you can contact me at: 

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